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I was 33 years old when the company I was working for went public; it was my first participation in an IPO (initial public offering) and a time of excitement and anticipation. The company didn’t provide much guidance on how to manage or think about it and in fairness, very few companies provide much guidance around equity compensation.  Fortunately, early on I connected with a financial advisor and did the research to navigate through several key decision points with good outcomes (there were a couple missteps-more on that below).  Together we considered:   1)What do I have and need to do?, 2)What are the tax implications, and 3)What are the lifestyle implications? The process was helpful and there were valuable lessons learned for anyone in the same position. With so many of our local companies going public this year, these are lessons I’m quick to share with friends and colleagues. 

If your company is going public this year, I encourage you to consider these 13 tips to help you maximize your outcome while avoiding some common missteps.  

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