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We believe that each of us has a responsibility to take a stand against racism, injustice and inequality. We also believe in encouraging open communication and raising awareness about diversity and inclusion in our workforce, in our industry and in our communities. At Private Ocean, our Leadership team is committed in our efforts against harassment, discrimination and inequality. We are constantly seeking new techniques for increasing diversity in our hiring practices and encourage candidates from various backgrounds to apply. We also strive to promote a happy and healthy work environment that fosters respect and inclusion and celebrates diversity.

Today, this means:

  • Requiring all employees to complete anti-harassment and discrimination training which complies with all state regulations. These courses explain what employees should do to avoid incidents of discrimination in the workplace, and how to report incidents.  Managers complete a separate training which focuses on prevention. All employees are required to re-take this training every two years.
  • Supporting and participating in the CFP® and FPA programs which focus on issues and solutions regarding attracting and recruiting candidates from a broader range of experiences and backgrounds.  More information is available online at and
  • Utilizing an outsourced recruiting team trained on inclusion and diversity to raise awareness and eliminate any bias in our hiring practices.
  • Analyzing benchmarking studies beyond just our industry to create pay equity and share recognition.
  • Regularly bringing in speakers and coaches for individual staff as well as the whole company to learn about bias.
  • Holding open discussions with staff on a regular basis to better understand individual experiences.
  • Providing additional training on harassment and bias via our professional employer organization (TriNet).
  • Reaffirming our commitment to combat racism and discrimination within our company, on our platform, and in our communities.

We recognize that there still much work to be done. Private Ocean is committed to using our voice and our standing in the community to make progress together.