Andrew Santos

Client Service Specialist, San Rafael

Andrew’s interest in finance began in college, when he took a class on investments and appreciated how his professor could take complex topics and communicate them in a way that was engaging, educational and simplified. Today, he approaches his work with empathy and enthusiasm, and enjoys building strong relationships with both his clients and his colleagues. He believes that listening and asking questions are key to understanding a person’s needs and helping them find a quick and efficient solution.

Andrew has dedicated his career to financial services and has previously held operational and client service roles at Bailard, Inc. Boston Private, Franklin Templeton, Washington Mutual Financial Services and Charles Schwab. He has a BA in Business and Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis. He is also a skilled cook and baker – and worked for eight years as a professional chef.

Andrew moved to the US from the Philippines as a teenager and landed in Northern California. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with his wife and young daughter.


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Managerial Economics, University of California, Davis

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