John (Mac) Dunstan, CFP®

Advisor, Seattle

The key to long-term success is seeing the forest and the paths through it and not becoming distracted by undue focus on the trees.

Mac has been advising individuals and organizations for over 30 years. What’s kept him in this business is the opportunity to form lasting relationships with good people. Sustaining success in this industry requires patience, hard work and a commitment to lifelong learning. Mac is an avid student, but he is also a natural teacher. He believes that it is important to know the past to better understand the present and to see the opportunities and risks ahead. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge with his clients, because he knows that with understanding comes confidence and clear expectations.

If you ask his colleagues and clients, they’d tell you that Mac has the work-life balance thing figured out pretty well, and that he’s more than willing to share his playbook on how to achieve it. Mac and his wife, Linda, split their time between Seattle and their home in the Methow Valley, where non-working hours are allocated between skiing, hiking, biking, reading history and their German Shepherd, Evi.


  • University of Washington Graduate

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