Marine Mammal Center

Private Ocean is a proud partner of The Marine Mammal Center. 

Video by Brieanna Basegio, Ted Melden and The Marine Mammal Center. Photos courtesy of Bill Hunnewell and The Marine Mammal Center.

The Marine Mammal Center advances global ocean conservation through rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research and education. Since 1975, the Center has rescued more than 24,000 marine mammals along the California coastline and the Big Island of Hawaii. The Center focuses its efforts on responding to the needs of marine mammals in distress, treating and rehabilitating sick and injured animals at the Marine Mammal Center’s state-of-the-art facilities and preparing them to be released back to their ocean home.

The Private Ocean team collaborates with the Marine Mammal Center to elevate awareness of ocean health and highlight the needs of the Center’s teams in their rescue and rehabilitation work.

CSL_release_10-20-18_photo by Bill Hunnewell © The Marine Mammal Center (24)