Investment Committee

Many wealth management firms rely on a single chief investment officer to oversee and recommend investments for clients. We used to operate that way, too.

But as our business has evolved, we’ve realized the benefits to clients of developing investment decisions collaboratively, as a committee that represents a range of critical perspectives.

Our committee chair, Fred Dopfel, brings decades of deep institutional investment experience, managing portfolios worth tens of billions of dollars. Fred regularly analyzes the investment horizon, searching for innovative approaches and products that support our philosophy.


Fred Dopfel

Richard Stone, Founder and Chairman, Emeritus, and Greg Friedman, CEO, bring more than 60 years combined experience to the investment committee. Richard and Greg ensure that all recommendations align tightly with the specific needs and objectives of Private Ocean clients.


Richard Stone


Greg Friedman

Rounding out the committee are: Justin Hult, Susan Dickson, Chip PyferLisa Peters, and Kevin Gahagan.