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ESG Investing

What is ESG Investing?

Socially conscious investors use three main criteria that fall under the acronym “ESG,” when creating investment portfolios. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Environmental criteria might measure a company’s conservation efforts, pollution, and water conservation.

Social factors may include worker health and safety, privacy and security, and community involvement.

Governance criteria may refer to shareholders’ rights, transparency, ethics, and fraud.

Why Invest Now?

ESG Investing Is In Demand.

Investors now consider ESG factors across $8.72 trillion of professionally managed assets, a 33% increase since 2014. These assets now account for more than one out of every five dollars under professional management in the United States.

The Market Has Changed – In Your Favor.

The cost of investing and implementing ESG portfolios was not as economical as it is today. However there has been a huge expansion in the offering of funds that consider investment logic and ratings, and ESG costs have significantly lowered.

In the past, one may have had to sacrifice the risk-return trade-off when investing in ESG funds. Private Ocean’s models offer risk-adjusted returns at costs similar to traditional portfolios.

Our Approach

We take our role as fiduciaries seriously, while we want to offer our clients investment solutions with a strong ESG profile, it is also important that this is not done at the expense of a less solid investment portfolio. Thanks to innovations in technology and investment products, we offer ESG solutions that combine the best of both worlds: A cost-effective, sound and well-diversified ESG investment portfolio that captures market returns through ethical investing.

Learn more about ESG Investing and download the Fact Sheet.