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As we take a moment to reflect on Independence Day and celebrate our freedom, I wanted to express our continued gratitude to you for taking us along on your life’s journey.  We never take this opportunity for granted!

Beyond barbeques, parades and fireworks, July 4th is a day to relax and celebrate with those who matter the most to us. For as long as I can remember, my family has gathered on the shores of South Mission Beach in San Diego (where I grew up) and held the same annual barbeque with the same people, eating the same burgers and hot dogs and Mom’s potato salad and playing the same games until the sun goes down.

It’s a great time for our family to unplug from mobile phones and the internet and simply cherish each other’s company. We catch up, eat good food, throw a frisbee around on the beach, and challenge each other to a heated game of Scrabble – and people watch! After 58 years, you might think that changing things up would be exciting and new.  But I disagree.

Time is one of our most precious and scarce commodities these days, and I believe that it’s important on days like this to stop and appreciate the people in our lives. I wouldn’t change anything about our family traditions and all of our quirkiness, and my wish for you is to stop, breathe, and enjoy this special time with your own circle of friends and family.

From the Private Ocean family to yours, we wish you a wonderful and safe Independence day.