A sophisticated, academic approach

We invest your assets using an academic-based discipline utilized by major institutions. Led by Fred Dopfel, our investment committee chair, we employ a degree of rigor on your behalf that is rarely available to individual investors.

We invest for you according to these fundamental principles:

  • Use thoughtful financial planning to drive investment decisions.
  • Ground investment strategy in rigorous academic research, not Wall Street trends.
  • Invest for the long term. Don’t time the market.
  • Create globally-diversified portfolios, the kind that have historically been shown to reduce risk and improve return.
  • Minimize costs, taxes and turnover everywhere possible.

Our approach creates a portfolio intended to maximize growth and stability and minimize risk and emotion.

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Looking to invest with purpose?

ESG Investing

More and more individuals have realized that their investments can affect the world around them. To accommodate this growing demand, more opportunities have been made available to investors who want to make a difference through ESG portfolios that address environmental, social and governance factors without sacrificing financial goals.

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Now more than ever, how we invest can affect the world around us. We are proud to offer ESG portfolios that address your personal values without sacrificing your financial goals.

What is ESG Investing

Learn how Eric and Isabella began their journey to investing with purpose

Mature businessman talking to his colleagues on a meeting at the office.

Meet Our Investment Committee

Many wealth management firms rely on a single chief investment officer to oversee and recommend investments for clients. We used to operate that way, too. But as our business has evolved, we’ve realized the benefits to clients of developing investment decisions collaboratively, as a committee that represents a range of critical perspectives.