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In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, Private Ocean’s own Kelly Keydel shared her thoughts on the role of sound financial planning and guidance for the business owner. From Stride 2 Freedom:

“What I love about Kelly is her thirst for learning. Her curiosity is unapologetic, following all kinds of nooks and crannies into your life; only once that learning is exhausted will she propose how to solve a problem. So when I invited Kelly to join me for the latest episode of Stride 2 Freedom, I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Kelly to answer my questions and not ask any.”

As a Managing Partner and Advisor at Private Ocean, Kelly supports her clients in getting clear on their financial goals and realistic about how to get there. Everyone is unique and the opportunities are vast. Kelly is an ally, a guide, and someone who can help navigate while you’re running your business.

“It is always a good time to start planning,” says Kelly. “Many business owners wait and wait and wait to get their financial health organized but that’s ‘head in the sand’ thinking. An advisor can serve as a partner to help get things off the ground.”

Take a listen here!