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Private Ocean announced today its partnership with Sealife Response, Rehabilitation and Research (SR³), a 501c3 nonprofit based in Seattle whose mission is to promote the health and welfare of marine animals in the Pacific Northwest. Read the full release here.

As a community-supported nonprofit, SR³ relies on dedicated volunteers and philanthropic donations in order to carry out its work, which involves:

  • RESPONSE: SR³ delivers emergency care in the field for sick, injured, and entangled marine animals.
  • REHABILITATION: In order to save vulnerable marine animals and help monitor ocean health, SRwill soon open the region’s first dedicated marine animal hospital.
  • RESEARCH: SR³’s research centers on vulnerable whale populations and builds scientific understanding in order to drive marine conservation efforts.

“Organizations like Seattle’s SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation and Research (SR3) are paving the way for all of us to come together and create real, positive change in our world,” said Greg Friedman, CEO of Private Ocean.  “We are committed to helping protect and preserve our natural resources and proud to partner with SRto help educate clients on how we can all make a difference.”

“At a time when entanglement reports and strandings are at record highs—and Southern Resident killer whale populations continue to decline—there has never been a more urgent need for our efforts,” said Casey Mclean, Executive Director of SR3. “The health of marine wildlife is closely linked with our own, and we are grateful for partners like Private Ocean, who are critical to creating a healthier future for us all.”

To help raise awareness of SR³ and their work to preserve marine life, Private Ocean hosted an exclusive educational event in conjunction with The Marine Mammal Center on September 18th at Thinkspace Seattle.

To learn more about SRincluding how you can get involved, download our Charitable Giving Guide. 

About SR³ SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research

Formed in 2016, SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research (SR³) fills critical gaps in marine wildlife protection in the Pacific Northwest. From injured seals to entangled whales, SR³’s team delivers emergency care in the field to give vulnerable marine animals a chance at survival. SR³ also conducts scientific research to address the root cause of marine animal health issues with a focus on endangered Southern Resident killer whales. The nonprofit will open the region’s first dedicated marine animal hospital in 2020.