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Private Ocean recently announced the launch of its Ocean Current podcast, an ongoing audio program hosted by Cynthia Greenfield, the firm’s Chief Experience Officer. The Ocean Current podcast is part of the firm’s virtual content initiative that includes webinars, virtual events, e-newsletters, and in-depth guides on financial and non-financial topics.

“Our current environment has given us new opportunities to communicate and share information with our clients and our partners,” said Greg Friedman, CEO of Private Ocean. “We are extremely proud of our podcast and all of the work that our team has put in to creating another channel to reach people with accessible and practical information.”

The first episodes of the Ocean Current podcast include:

  • How to approach managing your finances in the coming months of 2020
  • Tips on how to raise financially independent children
  • Whether or not you should refinance your mortgage in this current climate

“The podcast is an extension of the type of dialogue that we have every day with our clients, our families and our friends,” said Cynthia Greenfield. “Our goal is to weave together valuable information on financial topics with relatable conversations about what is happening in the world today.”

The podcast is available to download on iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify. You can also listen to every episode on our website at